Wellness & Spa

Our amazing world of relaxation between saunas and whirlpools.

A unique atmosphere of wellness where time stops to bestow moments of peace for the body and soul in the sign of relaxation and total well-being following the best traditions of Nordic philosophy, with full-time assistance from our Sauna masters, who will prepare fabulous events with Aufguss (steam jets) just for you, using the essences of our territory. We have your wellness at heart and wellness starts from a healthy lifestyle, which is why we do not allow you to wear bathing suits in our centre, including the whirlpool, because when you expose them to high temperatures, bathing suits can release toxic substances, besides preventing free blood circulation. Kids under 14 are not allowed in the wellness centre.

Our saunas are the ideal place to stimulate blood circulation, rid the body of toxins and sooth the muscles after a day of sports. Our Wellness Centre also features relaxation lounges and herbal tea corners to rehydrate your body whenever you need to.



The temperature is kept at approximately 60°C with a humidity of 40%; this sauna is enriched by the scent of organic essences.