The Art of Sauna

Why do people take saunas and Turkish baths?
Why do people take saunas and Turkish baths?
The reason is that the dry heat of the sauna and the steamy heat of the Turkish bath are a source of well-being that help relax the body and mind to restore strength and good mood. When the body sweats, it expels toxins, making the skin smooth and clean. The heat, in turn, relaxes the muscles, which helps get rid of lactic acid; the changes in temperature also dilate and narrow the arteries, thereby increasing their elasticity. The moment is always right, the important thing is to find some time to indulge a little. No watch to remind you of the time, it will be your very biological clock that will tell you when to come out of the sauna and relax in the lounge. No contact lens, no jewellery or mobile phones, as they can’t stand the heat in the sauna and Turkish bath and could disturb the peace and privacy of others. You step into the sauna naked, without a bathing suit or clothing; apart from it being better for your hygiene, this allows the heat to seep into your skin and favours ideal blood circulation.

Here's how to make the most of these "warm" remedies:

Saunas have always had a strong bond with wellness, especially if you follow the teachings of the finest Nordic tradition. You stretch out a towel on the wooden benches and sit on it, so that the sweat is drenched by the towel. When you feel the need to refresh yourself, it means it’s time to come out, take a quick shower (the colder the better) and indulge in a pleasant moment of relaxation on the comfortable loungers or in the whirlpool. You can repeat the cycle as often as you feel your body needs to.

Aufguss: the grand moment in a sauna is the Aufguss (steam jet): our instructors will put ice combined with a variety of essences on the stoves, causing the humidity to increase and with the aid of a towel will skilfully blow the steam towards you, running a hot flash over your body. On occasion, our staff will distribute total body peeling products during the Aufguss.

The Turkish bath was invented by the Romans and made famous by the Turks and Arabs, who brought it to great splendour. The environment is saturated with steam which, though at lower temperatures than in a sauna, causes you to sweat. The addition of essences such as eucalyptus are a sort of miracle cure for the respiratory tract. In the Turkish bath, we use special waxed towels (provided by our staff) for you to sit on the heated benches, and when you come out, we recommend a quick shower and some time to relax.

And there you have it.... simply the best recipe for a regenerating wellness experience!