Day Spa + Dinner

Treat yourself to moments of relaxation in our wellness center, with aufguss with our sauna masters and relaxation with Tibetan bells, to relax body and spirit. End the day at our restaurant allowing yourself a journey into the flavors proposed by our kitchen. 

Cost Spa entrance + dinner € 82,00 per person (wellness kit available free of charge; drinks not included)

"Special" Wellness Evenings

Take part in the evenings organised by our sauna masters; exclusive events designed for evening relaxation.

Evening entrance costs: € 25.00 (valid only for scheduled activities with the wellness centre open until 23:00).


Purchase your personal subscription valid for 10 entrances. Book your wellness sessions at least a few days in advance, so you can be assured of the total relaxation our spa offers. Great for weekly wellness appointments. 

Cost of the subscription € 240.00 (nominative and personal, non-transferable, no expiry date)