Yoga is not a religion, it is not a sport; yoga is a tool for everyone to feel good.


In the Himalayan Salt Room, Yoga lesson with our instructor.

€ 29,00 - approx. 50 mins (max 3 people)

Yoga in the mountains

In the beauty of nature, the magic of yoga:
> Mountain hike;
> Yoga of approx. 50 min. in a forest clearing;
> Packed lunch;
> Relaxation in the sounds and scents of nature;
> Return to the hotel.

Total duration approx. 3 hours € 79,00 per person
(group of max 2-8 people)

Yoga Natha Yin (private coaching)

At 10:00 in the Himalayan Salt Room, Yoga private lesson with our instructor. 

€ 39,00 (1 person) - approx. 50 mins