For years, our philosophy has emphasised not only attention to the wellbeing of our guests, but also to the environment and its sustainability! But what does this really mean?
Etymologically, sustainability is the use of resources in an environmentally responsible, socially equitable and economically viable manner, so that, while satisfying the needs of today's users, the possibility of use by future generations is not compromised.

We, too, have taken action in this sense: for the environment, for our guests, for us and for generations to come we are committed to reducing our environmental impact!

But what have we actually done? Take a look here:

Photovoltaic System

We have added a photovoltaic system that allows us to produce approximately 150kw per day, producing most of the energy we need with zero impact;

Yoga in the mountains

In 2023, together with all of you, we recharged more than 11,651 kW with our electric car charging stations, saving approximately 2192 litres of fuel;