Weekly Programme

Mountain Trekking

Trail after trail, you will discover our mountains, and step by step you will breathe in the clean air of our peaks to your heart's content, leaving all thoughts behind.
Every week in the program activities with our Trekking instructor Niko.


Every day, every season of the year, we organize walks with our staff, of easy or medium difficulty, to discover Andalo and its surroundings.

Forest Bathing

Defined as "the art of communing with nature" the term Forest Bathing comes from the Japanese translation of Shinrin-Yoku which expresses enjoying the full benefits of the forest atmosphere. With this practice we learn more about the forest by activating the 5 senses in relation to nature with breathing and Mindfulness practices, maintaining a simple and clear awareness of the present moment, of any thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise. Without judgement! Science has proven various ...

Nordic Walking

The Paganella and the Brenta Dolomites offer many routes, walks and excursions at different difficulty levels where you can practice Nordic Walking with its now famous special poles. Starting from next summer, every week, lots of new excursions will wait for you, with our staff! At your free disposal the specific poles.